A Minimum Living Income in Barbados. Sustainable ?

Unfortunately, a promise to provide every household in Barbados with a minimum living income, though a lovely sentiment is not sound policy. My philosophical moorings struggle with being against such a policy which would be popular and welcomed by the Masses but my moral moorings win me to disagree. Parliament can legislate most things in…


Policy is Key to Development

While the Executive of Barbados exercises poor fiscal and public policy, to total blame that organ for the situation in which we find ourselves would be intellectually dishonest. The failure of the Barbadian private sector (businesses / markets / for-profit and non-profits / charities) to build upon the stability we had and expand during those…

Britain's Prince Harry is greeted by the guard of honour after arriving to Bridgetown Port to commemorate the 50th independence anniversary of Barbados November 29, 2016. REUTERS/Adrees Latif

Colonial and Independent Barbados

Barbados, in many ways, is more trapped within the colonial epoch than many are ready or willing to admit but sometimes the gravity of the situation is all just too much. Nothing sickened me more in all my life than seeing Prince Harry of Wales being saluted by a Barbadian Honour Guard until I saw him, in…

Barbados Flag

Barbados! Fifty Years of Independence

Barbados is the Gem of the Caribbean Sea! Well that is what various people and a few songs say. This year, Barbados and Barbadians from all around the world have the opportunity to celebrate fifty years of Independence from physical colonial rule. I say physical because many of must be aware by now that Barbados, like any other West Indian,…


Being Yourself

Often, we are told to change who we are but we should not do that willy-nilly. We should be ourselves. We should only change ourselves if we want to change. Normally I speak about political issues but today is a different day. The world is a different world. Children are being brought up in societies…

Close-up of a clock showing the words "Time For Change". Shallow depth of field.

Time For Change?

From time-to-time we often hear there is a need for change in the country. Someone calls in on a radio programme. Another person in your neighbourhood, maybe a friend, makes a comment about how the politicians are ‘wicked’ or ‘corrupt’. You know how it goes. Election time comes and the politicians begin campaigning with promises…


Energy and The Future of Barbados

As the 21st. Century speedily moves on, we, as a people, just like those in the rest of the world, must assess and evaluate challenges to our future. We must plan and implement our solutions with some proper speed in order to preempt any future unforeseen reality. Whether future events be positive, neutral or negative…

World Coach Podcast Episode 1 – Two Boys Dead and NO National Conversation

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When Will People Take Control of Their Lives?

In democratic societies, especially the liberal kinds, the electorate is often faced with the challenge of weeding out, from among those who offer themselves for public service, those who ‘know’ and those who think they ‘know’ but in reality do not. It is a peculiar case for any people to have to carry out such…

U.S. State Department Recommends Rescinding Cuba’s Designation As A State Sponsor of Terrorism

The following press release must be studied carefully by all; especially Caribbeans. Great import may be given to this moment in future times. Press Statement John Kerry Secretary of State Washington, DC April 14, 2015 In December 2014, as a critical component of establishing a new direction for U.S.–Cuba relations, the President directed the State…

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