Unity Can Be Found In The Struggle


We are all different yet we are the same. Logic stands to reason that if all are different then that difference becomes a common thread, a constant; more than a similarity it is a unity of opposites and half-alikes. In this time, which is mired in the hypocrisy of unseeing, the already seen, we are losing sight of what is before us. Before us is a challenge to make anew our days for they are still young. Race, Ethnicity, Class, Caste, Sex, Gender, Ideology, Culture and Philosophy are categories which divide us as a people. Our proclivity towards compartmentalizing the universal attributes is our downfall. The human species for the most part is fraught with division due to the misunderstanding of life and what it means to truly live.

To live is to move forward hand in hand with your fellow people in harmonious understanding of the differences which unify us. The quandary in which we find ourselves is accepting the normality of difference. There is little wonder left to my imagination as to why wars, famines, genocides, economic downturns, rape and molestation occur. We are lost to the fact that we must learn to respect and appreciate each other.


One may argue that words in ink whether physical or digital mean nothing to the tide of destruction that is humanity but the person who utters those words or is convinced of those thoughts is ignorant of the reality that words written are nothing but once received via whichever medium are forever etched in the recipient’s emotions, logic, soul and spirit. There is no need to transgress against your neighbour for any action you take whether with negative or positive intention shall meet you or your offspring again. Fear of karma must not be the reason to do “good”. Neither must we do good for good’s sake. We must do good unto others because we believe it to be just. Fear and routines are unjust causes. Unjust causes are rotten seeds that may or may not bare good fruit. No absolute statement need be made that all fruits from a rotten seed be rotten. That would be a logical fallacy.


Ask yourself how rotten is this seed? It is possible to bare great fruit from a rotten seed as a rotten seed may only be quarter rotten or one-sixteenth. Think about this. We are all rotten seeds. We are good and bad. We have within us the potential of both poles of existence. It is not a predestined fact that a child born of a convicted murderer will be a murderer.


Surely, you understand it by now. We must find within ourselves that spark of potential which will enable us to do amazing wonders for whatever purpose we choose. Let us lift our fellow people up and pull down the oppressive words that plague our society. Words such as traitor, heretic, loner, undesirable, among others only drive wedges between us when we should be making bridges. Life is an amazing thing isn’t it? Your every action builds and destroys you simultaneously. Let us work together, join hands and engage in conversation to build better days together.



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