Still A Slave


The following editorial is a collection of a series of thoughts strung together for your pondering. They are not, at this point, meant to be published in a fully explanatory mode. These thoughts may be given full and appropriate explanation at a later date.

You may comment below and I will respond to you. Feel free to Join The Conversation Today. Change is within you.

It is time to stop being a slave! Every time you are maliciously maliciousing to bring about the downfall of your brothers and sisters, remember the house slave. When you bow your head in submission and cower to others, remember the field and factory slaves. However, when you get up and work for your

honest dollar, persevere under oppression and refuse injustice even when it is futile to push back against it, remember the enslaved but free man!

On Community, The Caribbean and Progress

Over 100 years after slavery’s abolition, many Caribbean people are just contemporary slaves. Sad yes? You may nod your head and say, “yeah man too many people got dis slave mentality.” Funny, you may be one of those people.  The fool is the person who laughs when he or she is unwittingly the joke.

There are many words that come to mind when thinking about the Caribbean in general and Barbados in particular but at this point no other word but pathetic is most apt. We should be embarrassed by our failure to move forward to a better and more prosperous era where we are master’s of our fate. Notice, I refrained from saying progress. The word ‘progress’ has connotations of leaving behind our history which are far too often mixed with the concept of forward movement.  Forget how far the rest of the world may or may not be ahead or behind developmentally. That is a discussion for another time. Let us discuss the fact that we, the Caribbean Nation, though able, fail to feed and clothe ourselves in body and mind. Ultimately, we feel to exercise the freedom which we boast we took from Massa, though, if we were honest, for the most part we were given it.

On Education

The People are to blame for the lack of hard work by so-called societal leaders such as Trade Unionists, Businessmen, Politicians and Educators. Yes Educators ! They, above all, are charged with the task of moulding young minds. Yet, they are shaping young people into sheep! When you look at a child and say, “you will never achieve”: you are degrading that child.

The perennial drivel about scrapping the Common Entrance Examination holds no weight. It is not the system that needs fixing. It is the people. When people speak about scrapping the system, reasons used are that the system discriminates against certain types of learners and these learners are primarily of a certain class but this argument is really rubbish. This examination is a fair one, testing a child’s ability to do the minimum tasks needed in society to function.

In life there are rigours to be mastered and saving a child from early rigour only to fight harder ones in the future without experience is a waste of an opportunity to develop our Youth’s emotional fortitude. Instead of debating about a system which has no lungs, heart or brain we should focus on the system’s operators, administrator and implementors. Yes, the one who create an environment which teaches children that they are worthless and blame a lifeless system for it!

A school is only as good as its environment. The environment of a school is primarily the teachers, parents, ancillary staff and students. Those who teach our children and raise them are to blame for their lack of drive and enthusiasm about learning. To you scoundrels who “dumpsify” our children I say shame on you! Your words beat them into a false sense of being stupid or unteachable. You, parents and teachers are the ones creating a caste system in education. More will be said on this another time.

On Leadership and Self-Motivation

The leaders of our societies and region need to be flogged into accepting that the Caribbean is a ridiculous mess of un-motivated, dejected and pathetically miserable people. How is it that a free people who knew slavery could ever be found in such an abhorrent state where their very survival depends on prostituting themselves to the wider world for bread, butter and clothes? We rely on authorities to show us the way when it is the authorities who enslave us with promises of a better tomorrow that they never intend to arrive. Many of the leaders today are re-creating the slave society. In fact, arguably or maybe not so arguable at all, the Caribbean never left the slave mode of living.

Once again, the people are to blame.  Blame yourself for the state you are in today. Your “X” on the voting slip apparently means nothing to you. I’m not going to say that if it did mean something to you, you would vote for this or that ideal or party. If your vote, your say, your life, your family mattered to you, you would n0t wait until voting day to exercise your personal right to self-determination.

Every day you should be calling, writing, speaking to and YES lambasting your leaders. Remove them if they are failing. Simple. When you hear leading figures speak about not upsetting the economy with this or that, they are volunteering to be the first to go. “This” and “that” are your livelihood being disregarded in order to secure a fictitious people-serving economy that is not truly serving you . Actually, the economy is very real! You are the economy. Every purchase you make or every good night of loving you undertake impacts the economy. If you want to make babies do it but don’t let a soul make that choice for you!

The Conclusion

Draw a line, take a stand, be a man, be a woman; lead yourself. Just move forward to a better day. If something or someone is stopping you from achieving your goal, diplomacy may work but if it does, well, you have some pushing to do. Stand up for yourself. Count yourself among the chosen. If you choose not to be a slave, let us work together to improve our Caribbean Nation by working individually and collectively to remove from our lives the cavities that plague us; whoever or whatever they may be.



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