The Folly of Intelligence


One very annoying trait of humans is our ability to believe in ourselves so highly that we become delusional and high from our own sense of self-importance. Why is it that people, especially the youth, believe that they are deities lording over all others as a supreme being? Your intellect, however you measure and describe it, does not make you more important than any other person. There is no need for condescending comments, bravado or scorning your fellow man. One reason society despises university students is their tendency to enter university humbly and come out foolhardy, ridiculously selfish and snobs. Stop holding yourself above others! Stop filling yourself with false pride!

We all came off of the plantation together yet many of us are creating false realities of superiority. These misguided fools, yes that’s what they are, use terms such as, “I smell ignorance” when speaking about their fellow schoolmates, family, countrymen and fellow human beings. People can indeed be ignorant of certain things. We are all ignorant of something but to speak about your fellow man in such a way is a sad tragedy. What’s ironic and certainly a shining light on human nature is the fact that some of these people hide behind the veil of the internet when casting their aspersions. There is a reason why people troll, spreading vicious rumours on the internet and attack people’s character. They are cowards!

In person, these people are docile, saying not a word and are often the “socially awkward” of society. It is unfortunate that these individuals embody the same attributes as their physical oppressors by digital means. All of these people are pathetic. They are unable to enter into conversations with persons incorporating mutual respect for they only respect their own thoughts, ideas and feelings. They hide behind the internet, behind their school, family, economic class and social status. They are poorer for it.

The day will come when we can get rid of divisions and work together but that day, unfortunately, is not today. Even though our present actions will create that wonderful future, we have to recognize that there are many in our societies who are truly ignorant of what it means to look beyond “intellect”. Use your compassion to lift others up and be humble. Irksome is the reality that many of these people are people I know. Hurtful is the fact that I understand why they are that way and I feel pain, for I, at many times, lack the words to convey to them my vision of a better tomorrow.

My life is perfectly imperfect. I am moving forward. I am gaining new ground every day. I choose to share in the tears of my neighbours and friends. I do not hide behind my school, family, economic class, creed, gender identification, sex or intellect. None of these things substantiate me! If it is that which we are supposed to do unto others as we would have them do unto us then why is it that we cry each other down in the worst ways possible? What saddens me is that I understand, that while some of these “people destroyers” do it intentionally, many of them do not.

Many hurt, scorn, rebuke and oppress others because there is a belief that they are superior in intellect or strength. They are the most feeble of all. These individuals come in all varieties: popular, unpopular, heterosexual, homosexual, religious and atheist but have at least one common undercurrent; they are truly ignorant of who they are. Living in the misery of not knowing oneself they create a persona and will themselves to believe it while leaving your soul to cry. This is a dreadful state in which I find them and to which they are blind, I sincerely hope they escape!

There is a life challenge to accept. At some point in existence, after some birth, reincarnation or self-induced rebirth, we will all have to accept this challenge, hopefully now rather than later.  It is what we, here, at RealTalk.BB have already accepted to undertake. When you see your fellow man hurting, help and be compassionate. When you are hurting, reach out for a helping hand and believe one will come because we will be here. Someone will be here. When you believe you are faithless, compassionless or full of hatred just take a pause and think about what I will say now.

There is a purpose for you. Follow the spirit within you to find that purpose and once found, just walk forward no matter the obstacle. Within you is juggernaut. You’re not stopping! No one can stop you unless you let them. Choose to be kind, caring, loving and obedient to love. Let not the ignorance or hatred or misguided fools deter you from being the best person you can be. You are more than the maladies of the earth, you are richer than the darkest soil and your capacity for pain knows no bounds. Within you is a Divine Spark of all that is good and irie. Follow the path of righteousness and this planet’s hellish appearance shall wither away and reveal its true nature of bliss.



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  • Sergio Smtih

    As the one who “smelled ignorance”, I offer a response to this article. I realise “feels” this strong likely stem from multiple events, but I went for it regardless. It may be found here, for those who are interested: