In Defence of Our Country, Region and People


The Caribbean did not kill Brian Mulligan. Our deepest sympathy is with his family for we understand the value of life and we hold it dare. May Brian Mulligan rest in peace. The Caribbean, like any other place on this earth is a place of flawed human beings but like the rest of humanity; love, charity and kindness should define us not a proclivity for killing.

I have heard arguments from many quarters speaking about whether or not this death is relevant and I surmise it is. Any time a person dies of unnatural causes, especially a killing, we should take note and pause. Often, we do not do this due to the frequent exposure to death and crime by way of the media but it must be noted that killing a fellow human being is something to be abhorred.

On a broader level, the brandishing of a whole country by extension a whole region as murderous because of one, two, ten or even fifty incidences of harm to the person of any person is ridiculous! The diatribe must stop! There is no need either to mention the countries with high murder rates, killing their own blood or the countries waging wars in the name of God, Gold and Glorious Democracy. What we as Caribbean People need to do is mount a defence. Simple. When ill is spoken of our region, we must face the naysayers and shout, “Caribbean People are a loving people!” We are a caring, peaceful and generous people. We are the people who share with the world and take little; if anything at all. We hold few grudges for slavery even though some in society believe we should reverse the table and we try to live with the rest of the world in harmony. We have more rights than anyone to claim the rest of the world as places of hatred, xenophobia, rape, mutilation, inhumane, freakishly impervious to reason and blind to the stench of hypocrisy but we will still shake your hand and make peace.

How about the people of Europe and America stop the brandishing of our people with viscous lies and inaccurate statements. The Caribbean is the melting pot of the world. Here, you will find descendants from Africa, Europe, India, China; everywhere! We live in harmony. Has there ever been a war between or among us? No.

One may say, that’s the past but in actuality it is the present. Wars in the name of Democracy doesn’t fit all people’s culture.  Infiltration of vulnerable economies using market liberalization, the penetration of our minds with media, rape of our heritage with takeover of lands in Haiti and the ethnocentric enforcement of American and European laws on our region are some of the numerous charges laid against the contemporary first World of which I have no want of joining.

We, The Caribbean People, should be proud of ourselves. We need to exude pride, expel it from our pours and rise to the occasion. The time is now to speak up about who is oppressing us! We are not the only ones being oppressed. We have brothers and sisters in Central and North Afrika (Alkebu-lan) being oppressed by the American and European induced scarcity of food. We have Haitian people suffering daily and Iraqis being slaughter in the streets thanks to autocratically imposed democracy. The world needs to take notice of what is really happening. Yes, it’s been said for years but one more time won’t hurt. We have the right to self-determination, we have inalienable rights too; not just Americans.

From the death of one man we learn a significant lesson. Pride in our People must guide us through the days. We are under constant attack by the former masters and new ones who aim to keep us subdued in whatever way they can. Their people are, unfortunately, for a great part, imbued with the spirit of xenophobia and hatred of the misunderstood but such is the misfortune of those born in the cold without sunlight to warm the heart, mind and soul. Their lens is clouded by a lack of empathy for others and an unfounded superiority complex. This not about race, though, race plays a part. This is about mentality.

There is a mentality we must combat. A mentality that posits that we have no rights to reparations only Ashkenazi Jews! There is a mentality that colours the world in one culture only; the culture of the moneyed. We Caribbean People not only have a right to exist but to exist as equals to all other countries in this world. Everyone, coloured or white, First, Second and Third World, West, East and Afrika take notice: We exist! We are equal to you and we want to share this world with you. So join us in creating a common understanding. However, if you seek to imprison us with lies and hatred we will chant down your Babylon.

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