Ever been at a stage in your life when you wonder what’s the point? You just want to give up and have no desire to continue. We have all been at that stage, I know I have been, and believe me sometimes it’s best to know when to quit. It may not even be you, it may be someone around you who makes you feel as though you are unworthy. Always remember that happiness is the greatest revenge against those who bring you down and no one has the power to tell you that you are not valuable.

School has been hectic, you cannot seem to find a job, deadlines are by-passing you, you’ve lost someone or nothing just seems to work in your favour; do not worry too much about it. That advice is easier said than done. Try focusing your energy on something that you know will give positive results. Maybe you have someone in your life that just lights up your world, maybe a little meditation relaxes you, or there’s just one little activity that makes you go woohoo; whatever it is that will brighten up your day, go for it!

You may think I’m crazy (well I am) but whenever I’m feeling down I go in front of a mirror and just smile (yeah I know…psycho) even if it looks fake. Science has proven that when our brains are happy, we smile; when we smile our brains are happier. Well let me further explain this “nonsense” to you: when you smile, the muscles are contracted and fire a signal back to the brain. This stimulates the reward system and increases the level of happy hormones call endorphins. So I say fake it ’til you make it!

Smiling is so contagious, and I bet you have never realised it. Think about when you see that guy or girl that is flirting with you and he or she gives you that little smirk, you automatically feel a little bubbly and you flirt back even if it’s just with that look. Okay, that example may be a bit too extreme but think simply, customer service; you go to a cashier and her mouth is pushed up, she has an attitude and you tell her to smile and be friendly. In a snap she puts on that fake smile and you automatically feel better.

If you are not convinced that smiling is the best technique, well I have one last fact. Smiling makes you more attractive and keeps you looking younger. If you see someone smiling you always wonder what’s so good that they can be smiling about. Frowns push people away but a smile draws people in. Try smiling for an entire day, not only will you look as though you’re going mad but it will make you appear younger and you will feel better. Oh yes, when you feel good, you feel confident, you feel positive and you can conquer anything.

Even if you do not believe anything this mad woman said, search within yourself, think about reasons why you should be happy and the things you can smile about. I know you can find at least one thing. I know I have, and that’s because I have life. Think about it, and hopefully this quote from Dale Carnegie makes you smile:

“A smile costs nothing, but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. It happens in a flash and the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.”

Come on if that doesn’t make you smile, I hope that this little joke will.

A man is being arrested by a female officer, who informs him that, “anything you say can and will be held against you”. The man replies “Boobs”.

A smile goes a long way, you deserve to wear that curve proudly on your face. No one or no circumstance can deprive you of that right. So I say smile, why, because I can. Smile for me, I can see you!



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