The Occupied Mind


        The occupied mind, today, is a level of consciousness predominantly consumed with something called ‘happiness’ which is, in actuality, a ruse for control over the individual and Collective’s labour. The central point to be made about the mythical ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ is that it does not bring the glories of life which we imagine. If it did, surely by now, the world, not just a miniscule fractional percentage of global minority would be enjoying the fruits of their labour. Something must be wrong when a world predominantly obsessed with reaching material nirvana not only fails miserably in the endeavour but catapults itself to the opposite pole; impoverishment.

            Evidence to the idea that ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ is a ploy to keep the eyes from seeing beyond the nose is the fact that, though many of our countries claim Democracy as a fundamental pillar, it is systemically corrupt to the point that our very elected representatives are unresponsive to the organic calls for reform. This unresponsiveness about which I speak has been facilitated by the blind generally called ‘rat race’ in which many of us are actors. We are so consumed by this pursuit that we turn away from policies and politics of the day. Beyond and undergirding the facts and figures published by others which speak to this truth is a philosophical question; better put, a collective idea expressed by the mouths, feet and arms of those who dare to protest. These demonstrations beg us to inquire into the extent to which, in general, we truly own the land, air, sea, skies around us and more specifically, our governments, families and bodies.     

            Many of us are set to work from early ages, toiling away behind a desk, on the road collective refuge, in some factory or call centre of some sort and at the end of it all, when the road comes to close and retirement looms happiness is still fleeting with even funds promised after saving for years being refused or limited to the point where living becomes brutal survival. The story of this pursuit is like the story of the dog and bone. In order to gain the riches others such as ‘elite’ businessmen, politicians, labour and corrupt civil rights leaders have placed before us, unlike the dog who did it unwittingly, we give up the internal joys we have such as our youth, time with family, satisfaction and peace of mind in old age as well as autonomy over ourselves.

            In order to save ourselves from this damnation let us recognized that today’s humanity is in a confluence age where change is indeed possible as well as the furtherance of this seemingly perpetual melancholy of exploitation. Exploited is our dignity and labour with nothing in return for it. Surely, better days lie ahead but only for those who gather the air in their lungs, stamina in their feet and swing their arms. The occupied mind need not be a mind consumed with trivial matters that only serve the interests of the exploiter. By now you must see that the occupied mind may be consumed by whatever you want so simply want better for yourself than the life of a tool.

         In short, I urge you to occupy yourself with justice; not only for yourself but for all. If you do not know what justice is just think about what it surely is not then look within yourself for what you believe should be in place in your life and the lives of those around you. Somewhere in there you will find justice and hopefully and better yet; fairness. Let not your days to come be filled with regret because of inaction. Move forward to your own salvation and occupy yourself.



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