Renaissance Designs Inc. – A Family Affair

For the love of making beauty even more than what you ever imagine: they toil by day and night. Renaissance Designs Incorporated recently celebrated 15 years of dedication to excellence in service.  Judging not only  by the large and joyous gathering the Renaissance Team deserves to celebrate their brilliance.


Surrounded by friends and clients who seemed more like the water of the womb, stories of weddings planned, times of triumph and lovely memories were shared at the Historic Blackwood Screwdocks, Cavan Lane in Bridgetown. What is of note is the fact that in its celebration, Renaissance Designs, through the hosting of its own celebration gave back to its patrons with glee. This is service too sparse today which needs to be made more commonplace.



The audience though select embraced a multi-cultural Barbadiana. Of note, signalling Renaissance Design’s substantial contribution to Barbados, is the attendance of The Honourable Donville Inniss; Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development. The warmth that flowed throughout the night thwarted any chill that arose. This warmth could not be coerced into life by anyone; no matter how good the effort made. 



Through the love shared for them by others, one must see in Renaissance Designs Incorporated, a team that goes beyond the call, even when it is not made, to make your event, your memory, a truly joyful and lasting occasion.


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