Being Yourself


Often, we are told to change who we are but we should not do that willy-nilly. We should be ourselves. We should only change ourselves if we want to change. Normally I speak about political issues but today is a different day. The world is a different world. Children are being brought up in societies where being different is more becoming the norm yet we still have a lot more of the same.

Be like us! The world says be like us. Do what we do. Join this or that profession. This or that other career path is not a ‘real’ profession. There are times, of course, in life when we must follow the rules and conform to certain standards but that does not mean you should lose who you are. 

The message I am leaving here is not one of be different or stand out from the crowd. I am saying do what you want to do. Be who you are. Even if you do not know yourself at all get on the road and be the best you can be in the moment until you find a better you. We are always finding our better selves. Our best selves are out there . Better said, our best selves are inside of us.

We are constantly honing our personalities by our choices. I think it would be better (this is just a thought so do what you want in the end) if we make choices in our best interest instead of adhering to choices made for us. Of course we do not always know what is best for us. That is why sometimes we must choose to listen to the advice and sometimes the commands of others. Thing is that choice is still your choice to make and no one else’s . 

This life is a curious life. It is a life like the game of cricket; full of glorious uncertainties. If life were straight-forward all of the time it would surely be too dull for many of us. There would be some of us who would love it that way. They have their slice of life on earth too where some things are as straight as they can be. For the rest of humanity, wherever you are, actually for all of humanity just enjoy whatever it is you are doing, be yourself and do you to the best of your ability.

Renaissance Designs Inc. – A Family Affair


For the love of making beauty even more than what you ever imagine: they toil by day and night. Renaissance Designs Incorporated recently celebrated 15 years of dedication to excellence in service.  Judging not only  by the large and joyous gathering the Renaissance Team deserves to celebrate their brilliance.


Surrounded by friends and clients who seemed more like the water of the womb, stories of weddings planned, times of triumph and lovely memories were shared at the Historic Blackwood Screwdocks, Cavan Lane in Bridgetown. What is of note is the fact that in its celebration, Renaissance Designs, through the hosting of its own celebration gave back to its patrons with glee. This is service too sparse today which needs to be made more commonplace.



The audience though select embraced a multi-cultural Barbadiana. Of note, signalling Renaissance Design’s substantial contribution to Barbados, is the attendance of The Honourable Donville Inniss; Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development. The warmth that flowed throughout the night thwarted any chill that arose. This warmth could not be coerced into life by anyone; no matter how good the effort made. 



Through the love shared for them by others, one must see in Renaissance Designs Incorporated, a team that goes beyond the call, even when it is not made, to make your event, your memory, a truly joyful and lasting occasion.


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5 Black Enjoyable Freestyles and Sessions



NUMBER 5 – Sweet Irie, Tippa Irie and General Levy.


NUMBER 4 – Lady Saw, Wayne Wonder and Frisco.

NUMBER 3 – Akala on Fire In Da Booth

NUMBER 2 – Bunji Garlin The Frist Time!

NUMBER 1 – Bunji Garlin The Second Time!




Haiti’s Independence


On this day, we congratulate The Republic of Haiti on completing its 211th. year of Independence. This is a day of pride and celebration for all Caribbean people. Haiti stands as testimony of our spiritual will and ability move beyond boundaries placed before us.

Think about this. When much of The New World was in chains Haiti was free.

Indeed, the world should stand in awe of Haiti’s ability to withstand the global turmoil that ensued after it took its independence from France so many years ago. It is indeed fitting that every first day of every new year the world States must pause their own new-year celebrations to recognize the fortitude and ingenuity of our people. Haiti is a pillar of this world as it is the first country of our contemporary Western dominated world to enjoy universal adult suffrage.  Democracy, which is often touted as the cornerstone of today’s civilization, is indebted to you. The Caribbean and the world owe to you their gratitude.

Long live Haiti!

In celebration of Haiti’s Independence we give you the Preamble of Haiti’s Constitution.


The Haitian people proclaim this constitution in order to:

Ensure their inalienable and imprescriptible rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; in conformity with the Act of Independence of 1804 and the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man of 1948.

Constitute a socially just, economically free, and politically independent Haitian nation.

Establish a strong and stable State, capable of protecting the country’s values, traditions, sovereignty, independence and national vision.

Implant democracy, which entails ideological pluralism and political rotation and affirm the inviolable rights of the Haitian people.

Strengthen national unity by eliminating all discrimination between the urban and rural populations, by accepting the community of languages and culture and by recognizing the right to progress, information, education, health, employment and leisure for all citizens.

Ensure the separation and the harmonious distribution of the powers of the State at the service of the fundamental interests and priorities of the Nation.

Set up a system of government based on fundamental liberties, and the respect for human rights, social peace, economic equity, concerted action and participation of all the people in major decisions affecting the life of a nation, through effective decentralization.