Still A Slave


The following editorial is a collection of a series of thoughts strung together for your pondering. They are not, at this point, meant to be published in a fully explanatory mode. These thoughts may be given full and appropriate explanation at a later date.

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It is time to stop being a slave! Every time you are maliciously maliciousing to bring about the downfall of your brothers and sisters, remember the house slave. When you bow your head in submission and cower to others, remember the field and factory slaves. However, when you get up and work for your

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Unity Can Be Found In The Struggle


We are all different yet we are the same. Logic stands to reason that if all are different then that difference becomes a common thread, a constant; more than a similarity it is a unity of opposites and half-alikes. In this time, which is mired in the hypocrisy of unseeing, the already seen, we are losing sight of what is before us. Before us is a challenge to make anew our days for they are still young. Race, Ethnicity, Class, Caste, Sex, Gender, Ideology, Culture and Philosophy are categories which divide us as a people. Our proclivity towards compartmentalizing the universal attributes is our downfall. The human species for the most part is fraught with division due to the misunderstanding of Read More…