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Proud Cuba Highlights America’s Shame

The recent announcement by President Barack Obama of The United States of America (USA) that there will be a concerted effort to establish congenial relations between his country and “nemesis” Cuba is welcomed news but it simultaneously highlights the historical reality that the world has failed Democracy. We welcome this new push towards geo-political democracy…


Get Thee Behind Me Chikungunya!

It was dusk. The time had come. Instantly, the sound of laughter was replaced by groans of fear and the scurrying of feet. The inhabitants sought refuge in their dwellings, hoping it would protect them from the predators. The oldest child took out the ointments and oils to rub the elders. The legend was that…



First Independence Address Prime Minister Eric Williams 1962

RealTalk.BB Presents – RealWORDS – our series highlighting the speeches, comments and quote-worthy word-craft that have shaped us all. Please enjoy, comment and share.  Fellow Citizens, It is a great honour to me to address this morning the citizens of the Independent Nation of Trinidad and Tobago as their first Prime Minister. Your National Flag…


Through it All

Have you ever been asked this dreaded question by your parents, “ So, what are you going to do after graduation?” Then you stare at them with a blank clueless look on your face trying to mask the inevitable horror and depression that is beginning to take residence in your stomach?


The Ostensible Chronicles: From Freun To Barb

The Ostensible Chronicles is a RealTalk.BB comedic series shedding light on social issues facing various societies. We hope you enjoy. Remember to rate, comment and share. Thank you! Dear Barb, I am not sorry for being silent this past year. When you took me back last year you knew what you were getting. I am a…


Are the Humanities Dead?

It is with utter disappointment that I look around my Spanish class, lamenting at the drop in student enrollment. Employing just a bit of the knowledge I learned in my previous research course, I am tempted to hypothesise, that there seems to be an inverse relationship between the number of students in Humanities and tuition…

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10 Caribbean Quotations Worth Pondering

” The wounded are all around us and within us. Now, opening ourselves to all those recognize the brutal dialectics of underdevelopment, who acknowledge the cohesive powers of our common needs, our common dangers and our common possibilities, we can begin to stand in a newly grounded solidarity and reach out toward each other, facing…

Errol Barrow Barbados

The Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow on Our “Mirror Image”

RealTalk.BB Presents – RealWORDS – our series highlighting the speeches, comments and quote-worthy word-craft that have shaped us all. Please enjoy, comment and share.  What I wish to speak to you about very briefly here this evening is about you. About yourself. I want to know what kind of mirror image do you have of…


Dear Culturally Offensive Friend

My Dear Culturally Offensive Friend For those people who are studying overseas, at one point or another you have encountered people that have no cultural etiquette whatsoever. It may be out of sheer ignorance, condescension or just for kicks, either way, it always rubs you the wrong way no matter what. In this post I…

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