School Days: Lunchtime Part 1

The following story may or may not be very loosely based on true events, but is definitely fictional. Any similarities that may be found in characters’ names, personality traits, or their recollection of certain events to real names, personality traits, or recollection of actual certain events is completely coincidental. No metaphors were harmed in the…

Man On A Mission.

In Focus “Don Foster”

IN FOCUS is ReaTalk.BB’s Question and Answer Interview Series produced by our Publisher and Editor-In Chief William Chandler focusing on the lives, philosophies, ideologies, passions and struggles of seemingly average but very driven Caribbean people. We encourage you to have a read, enjoy and share!      How would you describe yourself?  To describe me ……


My school is better than yours

A little friendly competition is always healthy they say… and they are right. For the most part. What happens when competition is no longer just friendly? What happens when competition turns into an ugly fight to determine who is superior and who is inferior? Is it still healthy then?


The Move

Hey guys! Guess what? I moved to Brooklyn! No more dorms, no more insufferable roommates, it’s all about that one bedroom grind and I am loving every minute of it.


Rumble in Stryker City Part 3

Chloe exhaled, taking a moment to catch her breath. She then looked at her partner and asked, “did I get them now?” 


Diversity Over Uniformity For A Better Education System

There are brilliant students, average students and then those who cannot be rescued and eventually fall through the cracks; or at least that’s what our education system and examination results frequently lead us to believe. This hierarchy in academia seems to have always been the norm

RealTalk.BB Goes to AnimeKon Expo. 2014 !


Petty Party Politics

A few days ago, I found myself reading a newspaper article on a recent political controversy on my island, Saint Lucia. In order to get my own perspective on the matter, I decided to venture in a domain that I had long since considered forbidden territory. Whilst I have seen many tagging, commenting and sharing…


Ask First What You Can Do For Yourself

In a previous article I spoke about the merits of a career-oriented education and it brought to mind a well-known quotation from the twentieth century: “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” Upon careful consideration, I’ve decided that I hate this piece of wisdom.


Seeing Life Creatively…It’s a Start

Guess what guys. It’s summer assignment time again! Can you tell how psyched I am? I know, my excitement is contagious. However, on a serious note, this assignment is helping me to change the way I see life in a small but effective way.

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