A Career-Oriented Education For All

Most, if not all of us, dream of having more than just a job. We dream of having a career. That’s where school and education come in. In fact, it is this very education that encourages – or conditions – us to dream beyond the mere cubicles of a traditional 9 to 5.  Does it…


Rumble in Stryker City Part 2

A few minutes earlier … “You sure this is the right thing to do?” “Of course it is. By eliminating big-shots in another gang, I’m showing initiative and you’ll get recognition too for helping me.” This was the mindset of one girl dressed from head to toe in black biker clothes. Dressed in a studded…


Just Because I Am A Fashion Student

Hey guys! I want to talk generally what is like to be a fashion student and debunk some myths surrounding fashion careers. This information is based on my personal experience and what I have learned in some of my classes as well as from exchanging stories with friends. In fact, in going to fashion school…


What ‘English’ do you speak?

The generation of young West Indians that Olive Senior describes in her poem, Colonial Girls School, had hammered into their minds the importance of Latin declensions. Needless to say, the teaching of the English language – “the language of Shakespeare” – was no different: a process of rote learning, by which foreign words were fed…


Are We Really Equal?

Equality is such a popular word these days. Everyone would like to be treated equally. An expression that I assume means, that every single person in a society should share the same legal entitlements or ‘rights’ as we call them. Yet, somewhere between our boisterous rallies and revolutions, I think we became so entangled in this…


Rumble in Stryker City

“Rubber bands? Are you high?” Jeff ignored his critic as he ripped open the bag and slipped his new elastic friends up his arm. “No really, I’m all for hoarding away odd things, but you honestly dragged me out here for rubber bands? Not to train (God knows you need it), but rubber bands?” “Oh you’ll…


And it Begins

Hey guys! This is a continuation from my previous blog post. However, this time, I will be sharing with you more about my fashion school experience rather than my cultural experience in New York. The first semester of fashion school was a baptism by fire!


“No One Can Slave for Two Masters”

I never thought any expression would surpass the look of pity I received when I explained that I studied History, until I began studying Political Science. Currently, my favourite pass time is examining the expression of utter dread of some religious persons when I state my major. ‘So… you want to be a politician?’ is…


In Defence of Our Country, Region and People

The Caribbean did not kill Brian Mulligan. Our deepest sympathy is with his family for we understand the value of life and we hold it dare. May Brian Mulligan rest in peace. The Caribbean, like any other place on this earth is a place of


The Folly of Intelligence

One very annoying trait of humans is our ability to believe in ourselves so highly that we become delusional and high from our own sense of self-importance. Why is it that people, especially the youth, believe that they are deities lording over all others as a supreme being? Your intellect, however you measure and describe…

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