Tipping Must Be Suppressed

Tipping is a social pressure masquerading as a voluntary contribution. The services industry has a bizarre model of operation compared to any other industry. It has become a custom for customers to tip their servers (waiters, bartenders…) for the service they have provided. However, this custom must be examined closer. Most of us have an…


I Speak West Indian

‘So yuh a de man me hear bout! Ah yuh dem seh dah teck Whole heap a English oat seh dat yuh gwine kill dialec!’ Louise Bennet Coverly- Bans A Killin’ 


Virgin Experience

Hey guys! This is my first blog post ever, eeks! I’m Sarah-Joy and my column is going to be a mixture of fashion and my experiences of being a Bajan living in New York. I am not sure what I’m more nervous about; writing my first column or writing about my experiences and fashion. Either…


Rise Up or Shut UP !

At this point in time, Barbados is a failing society and the Caribbean, for the most part, is in the same sling. Long before the 2008 economic recession we were failing. The failure about which I speak is not economic but philosophical. The poverty, ignorance, xenophobia, schizophrenia and unwillingness to change that we experience today…


Still A Slave

The following editorial is a collection of a series of thoughts strung together for your pondering. They are not, at this point, meant to be published in a fully explanatory mode. These thoughts may be given full and appropriate explanation at a later date. You may comment below and I will respond to you. Feel free…

The Chase

The Chase

Panting, gasping, and struggling to hold air in his lungs, Mark kept on running. The fire in his legs had intensified to an unbearable pitch, and his sides felt like they had burst. Even his vision had blurred to a cacophony of trees, bushes and branches, as he bolted through the forest, paying little regard…


Jones’ Prison System

The modern school is seldom realised to be infused with elements of the prison. Recently the minister of education Ronald Jones made a statement that shocked many. Some were even making comments about our new Orwellian society; of course in jest. The statement is as follows: “There must be vigilance . .. . There is…

sunset-in-barbados-1300w (1)

What Is The Good Life?

Is the good life sipping champagne while relaxing on a catamaran sailing down the beautiful Caribbean Sea with scantily clad women or is it driving out the showroom with that new Mercedes ? Maybe it is trying on that Armani suit and saying, “I’ll take!” or even entering that exclusive cocktail party. Many also believe…


Unity Can Be Found In The Struggle

We are all different yet we are the same. Logic stands to reason that if all are different then that difference becomes a common thread, a constant; more than a similarity it is a unity of opposites and half-alikes. In this time, which is mired in the hypocrisy of unseeing, the already seen, we are losing…

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