Japan's Emperor Celebrates His 81st. Birthday

December 23rd. 2014 marks the 81st. Birthday of His Imperial Majesty; the Emperor of Japan. Japan’s Emperor has been in office since January 7th. 1989 and ranks 125th. in the line of successive Japanese Emperors. In addition to his official duties, His Imperial Majesty is a published researcher in Ichthyology. As a scholar, he enjoys the study of fish and is a member of several academic societies.

As a result of this being the birthday of her Emperor, Japan  marks the 23rd. of December as a national holiday. On this day, the gates of His Imperial Majesty’s residence will be opened to the public in order to facilitate a public ceremony at the Imperial Palace.


The world joins in celebration of His Imperial Majesty’s Birthday and wishes him and Japan much success in their endeavours.