Rumble in Stryker City Part 2


A few minutes earlier …

“You sure this is the right thing to do?”

“Of course it is. By eliminating big-shots in another gang, I’m showing initiative and you’ll get recognition too for helping me.”

This was the mindset of one girl dressed from head to toe in black biker clothes. Dressed in a studded jacket, leather jeans, and ankle length boots, she would not look out of place in a generic action movie. As the sun set below the peaks of the towers in Stryker City, Read More…

Rumble in Stryker City


“Rubber bands? Are you high?”

Jeff ignored his critic as he ripped open the bag and slipped his new elastic friends up his arm.

“No really, I’m all for hoarding away odd things, but you honestly dragged me out here for rubber bands? Not to train (God knows you need it), but rubber bands?”

“Oh you’ll see soon enough. In the right hands, rubber bands can be one of the most dangerous things in existence. Right after black holes and lemon drops.”

“How are lemon drops dangerous?”

“You ever try sucking one of those things while laughing? Could be the last thing you ever do,” he replied, then he clutched his throat and pretended to choke to death. Read More…