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RealTalk.BB, as an online Caribbean-centred media platform, is the home for conversation and discussion on all of the things which matter to you whether you are Caribbean or not. Our content is geared towards engaging you in matters which affect us all. In essence, we are more than a magazine. We are a community of socially conscious people making a positive and beautiful change in our lives and the lives of others when need arises while preserving the purity of our heritage. 

Whether it be an article, podcast, video or photograph there is something here for everyone.

Once you find what interests you feel free to speak,  comment, like and share as you wish. Say it plainly. Be loud or quiet but be respectful.

We want you to read, listen and watch what we have to say on everything from politics to sports. This magazine is a new world in which your imagination, intellect and creativity are implored to go wild. Use them with all of your passion as we use our passion to bring the world around you into real focus.

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Simply put, RealTalk.BB harnesses the power of ideas and the imagination to inspire and rejuvenate our people and region as well as create the future we want to see. We believe in the power of people.


Together, we have the power to advance far beyond where we are now. We can be whatever we want to be and progress to stages far beyond what any person has ever imagined. All we need do is believe in the power that resides in ourselves and imagine the seemingly unimaginable. 

We believe that we, as human beings in general and Caribbeans in particular, share a collective responsibility to each other to create and preserve a peaceful, loving, compassionate and nurturing social environment. We are particularly dedicated to the Caribbean Region; our homeland. The Caribbean is a cohobblopot of people, cultures, ideas and resource waiting to be utilised. All we need do is work together to establish and achieve our unified goals.

RealTalk.bb is the germinator of Caribbean Thought. We are the place where ideas are born and grown. Let us join hands and work together to create a new way of living; a truly participatory society where every person regardless of age, physical or mental capacity, sex, creed, sexual orientation or ideology is encouraged to contribute to the betterment of our people.

RealTalk.BB is a juggernaut movement obliterating obstacles in our way. Whatever it is that divides us now as people we shall destroy in order to build a brighter, more loving and harmonious future. 

Together we all shall enjoy the synergy of the Caribbean Experience. It’s time to Join The Conversation.

William M. A. Chandler

Publisher and Editor-In-Chief